New Release: Ghost Flute & Dice

New Release: Ghost Flute & Dice “Music for Amplified Piano”

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June 22, 2011  |  Ghost Flute & Dice, News, Releases  |  Comments Off

The first of two posthumous (the record label died – not the artist) releases that we announced we’d give you after the closing of Morningside Records has finally found it’s release date.

Ghost Flute & Dice “Music for Amplified Piano” will be released on July 11th 2011.

Ghost Flute & Dice sort of does with the piano, what Jimi Hendrix did with the guitar. And what comes out is fantastic music that wants to take you on a terrific journey through an old musical instruments hidden world of sound.

Check out the track “Am” on Bandcamp. Make sure to also take a good long look at the pictures of the fantastic artwork for the limited edition CD version, created by Connie Munch.

See Ghost Flute & Dice live at Fanø Free Folk Festival these weekend or stay updated by connecting on Facebook.

Video: Figurines – “New Colors”

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April 12, 2011  |  Figurines, News, Video  |  Comments Off

Finally the video for Figurines awesome single “New Colors” is unleashed!

Created by Jeppe Hansen and Anders Bundgaard. Photography by Anders Bundgaard. Bulldog: Carl Emil Alexander Frost. Figurines: Jens Ramon, Claus S. Johansen, Christian Hjelm.

The band’s 4th and self-titled album is released in North America today and here are the links you want to use if you want to acquire it:

iTunesAmazonInsoundThe Control Group.

New Band: Ghost Flute & Dice

New Band: Ghost Flute & Dice

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April 5, 2011  |  Ghost Flute & Dice, News, Releases  |  Comments Off

Confused? Didn’t we just tell you – something like – yesterday, that Morningside Records is closing, coming full circle nicely after 10 years? Yes, we did. And yes we are closing. But before closing time we have two final releases left that we want you to lay your love upon.

First up is Ghost Flute & Dice a solo project by Mikkel Almholt, who’s been a friend of the family forever. He figured out a very funky way to mic up his acoustic piano and run the sound through effect pedals. He does what guitarists have been doing for a looong time, but he does it with a piano. And it totally works!

The result is an album of instrumental music that we’d like to place somewhere between Arthur Russell’s “World Of Echo” and Jan Johansson’s “Jazz på Svenska”.

Check out the track “Am” taken from the upcoming album “Music for Amplified Piano” here:
Ghost Flute & Dice – Am

Give Ghost Flute & Dice your “like” on Facebook and stay tuned for more info on this very limited and beautifully packaged release!

Morningside Records 2001-2011: The Last Labelnight

Morningside Records 2001-2011: The Last Labelnight

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April 2, 2011  |  Live, News  |  Comments Off

Attentive followers listening to other channels than this website will have noticed that Morningside Records is closing down its operations.

It’s been 10 great years. Now is a good time to stop and do something else, differently.

We’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary and the perfect timing for a honorable exit with a last labelnight at Loppen, Christiania.

Jomi Massage, Won’t Lovers Revolt Now, Shout Wellington Air Force and Pinkunoizu will all be playing live.

Jesper Majdall (of My Friend George fame), Nis Svoldgård (of Oh No Ono fame) and Claus S. Johansen (of Figurines fame) will be DJ’ing music from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. Maybe we’ll find time and talent for additional decades…

We hope you’ll take the time to spend this evening with us! Buy your ticket here

Video: Figurines – “Hanging From Above”

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November 9, 2010  |  Figurines, Live, News, Video  |  Comments Off

“Hanging From Above” is the first track off Figurines‘ new and self-titled album. The album is available on CD, as download and on vinyl at Bandcamp. Above you can watch a new video for that song, created by the same team that gave us the video for “Lucky To Love”.

This weekend Figurines are playing the tremendous cities of Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen with The Kissaway Trail. (City names are links to where you can buy your tickets.)

To top things off, and make it all come together with a nice little twist, Figurines’ Christian Hjelm and The Kissaway Trail’s Thomas Fagerlund this week played a version of Altered Images’ song “Happy Birthday”, celebrating the birthday of Det elektriske barometer – Danish Radio’s alternative chart. Check it out here.

Did you get the message?

New Release: Pinkunoizu

New Release: Pinkunoizu “Free Time Volume One”

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November 8, 2010  |  Pinkunoizu, Releases  |  Comments Off

Happy release day to Pinkunoizu!

Their debut album “Free Time Volume One” is out today and it’s totally worth your precious time.

The album is available digitally everywhere in Denmark and internationally on Bandcamp.

Rock on!

Figurines' Tour Starts This Week

Figurines’ Tour Starts This Week

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November 2, 2010  |  Figurines, Live  |  Comments Off

Figurines head out on 5 live dates in Denmark teaming up with The Kissaway Trail. Buy your tickets today.

New Band: Pinkunoizu

New Band: Pinkunoizu

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October 25, 2010  |  Pinkunoizu, Releases  |  Comments Off

Morningside Records is very proud to announce the signing of Pinkunoizu – a new Copenhagen-based group consisting of members from Selvhenter, Howl Baby Howl, Chimes & Bells, Kostcirklen and Valby Vokalgruppe.

They call their music “an exotic mixture of lo-fi, high-life, modern composition music, ancient folkish songwriting, asian 60′s pop and future post-apocalyptic underwater rock”. Well put.

We think their sound is original, yes. But more importantly this band is special. Their free approach to music, sound and genre is experimental in that one good way, where it doesn’t loose track of the body and the heart. In other words: We think this is really great stuff.

Their debut full-length album, entitled “Free Time Volume One“, will be released digitally on November 8th. The physical release of the album will be in March 2011 in one physical package with “Free Time Volume Two”. More info on the physical release later on down line.

Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome – Pinkunoizu.

Pinkunoizu website
Pinkunoizu on Facebook
Pinkunoizu on Myspace

Listen To Figurines' New Album In Its Entirety

Listen To Figurines’ New Album In Its Entirety

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September 20, 2010  |  Figurines, News  |  Comments Off

This week – September 20th to 25th – you can stream Figurines‘ new, fourth and self-titled album in its entirety over Soundvenue Magazine’s website.

The album will hit stores in Denmark on September 27th and will also be available in various formats on Bandcamp.


Video: Shout Wellington Air Force – “Astrid”

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September 17, 2010  |  Live, Miscellaneous, Shout Wellington Air Force, Video  |  Comments Off

Great band, great song.

Playing live tonight in Roskilde and tomorrow in Copenhagen. More dates.

Please vote for this song on alternative radio chart Det elektriske barometer.

Thanks! And enjoy the weekend.